Anonymous: Would it have been a good idea to have explored more a relationship between damon and any other woman that at some point he got involved with?

I don’t know if it would have been a wise choice, or IC for Damon. Yes, you can consider him a womanizer if you want, he clearly loves the ladies.

But both what he felt for Katherine and what he now feels for Elena… I think it proves that Damon falls in love rarely. He’s very much the type that when he falls for you, it’s forever.

Think about his love/obsession for Katherine for 145 years. And even after knowing that she lied to him about her “death”, he was ready to give her and them a second chance. I think the combination of knowing the truth (that she never loved him - Katherine told that to him in 2x01) and meeting and successively falling for Elena is what helped him move on.

He’s always “extreme” in the way he loves. For him, it’s that person, and nobody else matters. Think about how much he’s in love with Elena. How he always puts her first. He would do anything for her. And even when rejected, he stayed.

Damon is the type that wants the eternity with the one for him. If any of his “relationship”/hook-ups had been explored, it would have been a lie. I don’t think he’s the type that can have a relationship when in love with someone else. Or the type that could fall for somone else while he was clearly in love with Elena.

For 145 years he didn’t move on from Katherine until he met Elena (and he was rejected by Katherine). From what we know both now and over the 145 years as a vampire he only had hook ups, nothing really serious.

It’s just the type of person that Damon is. Exploring a relationship with someone he wasn’t in love with… I think it would have been pointless.

What I think it could have been explored was a friendship for Damon. Yes, before anything happened with Elena, they were friends. But what I would have liked to see was for example a friendship with Rose (she didn’t last that much). Even without anything physical, I think it would have been cute for Damon to have a female friend like Rose. I love Dalaric, I love them so much, but I think a female friendship for Damon would be sweet to see.

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Anonymous: could you tell me what is the music that plays on the first episode of TVD right after Stefan says the introduction?

This site can help you.

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Anonymous: is there a season 5 of vampire diaries?

It aired in America from October 3, 2013 ‘til May 15, 2014.

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Anonymous: what are the episodes Katherine appears?

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Anonymous: Do you think there will be romantic Bamon in TVD season 6?

Nah, I don’t think they will ever go there. They will probably have a lot of banter and they will try to tolerate each other, especially in the beginning because they don’t really get along. But in the end I think they will become friends.

Damon is in love with Elena. Bonnie is in love with Jeremy. I think both of them would like to come back to the person they love, so they understand they are in the same situation and they will collaborate.

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angelfacewitch: Are you still doing the MBTI thing? Who do you think would be an INFJ?

Yeah, I was watching the other day the personality for Jer, Jenna, Matt and Tyler (I’m only going to make sets for the regulars and the originals - aka Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah).

I think the next one will be Jer or Jenna, I’m still a bit confused for Matt and Tyler for which personality I’ll choose.

Since the characters I’ll make for the MBTI are 14 and the personalities are 16, some personality may miss in the meme. I could even repeat a personality I’ve already used if I think it fits better for a character. So far I haven’t choose INFJ for anyone.

It’s a personal choice :) probably someone who studied/read a lot about MBTI could be more accurate then me. The mechanism to fully understand a personality is a bit complex (and actually very interesting). But my choices are more based on what I think of the characters and what I think of their personality, so probably not everyone will agree with my choices xD

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