TVD characters + MBTI
• Elijah Mikaelson → INTJ “The Scientist”
"Loner, interested in intellectual pursuits, private, responsible, orderly, clean, organized, rarely shows anger, punctual, tremendously insightful, generally extremely intelligent and capable.”

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Anonymous: Do you ever think that maybe Katherine will come back and seek revenge on Stephen or Stefan for killing her?

I don’t really think so.

I don’t believe Katherine will be back (except changing of plans), and if she will ever be back it won’t be to seek revenge on Stefan, she loves him. I don’t really think she would hold it against him.

Ps: the right spelling is Stefan :)

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♫ And the arms of the ocean so sweet and so cold
And all this devotion I never knew at all
In the crushes of heaven for a sinner released
And the arms of the ocean delivered me

Never let me go
Never let me go
Never let me go
Never let me go ♫

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dhummel: I don't want to be annoying, but I haven't been keeping up with season 5 and I saw the Stelena cooking gifset... Are Stefan and Elena an item again or was the 'anniversary' thing just friendly?


In this episode (5x18) Elena and Stefan had visions of an alternative life in which they were both humans. It’s Markos (a Traveller) who gave them these visions because he needs the doppelgangers for his agenda.

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I’m afraid the doppelganger lore’s been misinterpreted over the ages. The prophecy is that the doppelganger blood can help the Travelers, but they’re being drawn together because of a spell I cast 1,500 years ago.

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Anonymous: hello loves! i really love these mbti gifsets you're doing and i've been wondering, since there's a list of characters you'll be doing, is there a possibility for kol to be involved as well? i know he wasn't around much but a lot of people do love him. i feel like he fits ESTJ the most, even tho he's its own kind i'd say lol. have a nice day! xxx


Thanks, I’m glad you like them :)

I’m sorry, I won’t make a gifset about Kol. If I make a gifset about him, someone else will ask a gifset about Anna. Or Sheriff Forbes. Or Vicky. And other recurring characters or guest stars.

I decided to make only the regulars and the Originals who appeared the most (Klaus - who was a regular, Elijah and Rebekah). It’s 14 characters. It’s a lot, believe me. I still have to make sets about Elijah, Alaric, Tyler, Matt, Jeremy and Jenna.

If I start making gifsets about the guest stars I’m going crazy.

Have a nice day :)

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