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Anonymous: So, if Elena briefly enters Mystic Falls area, will Alaric's compulsion go away? Also, since Elena has forgotten she loved Damon, I think her character development went away too. And Caroline has noticed.

I think so, the only problem is that if she enters she will die.

I believe that since many of her memories are modified, she also doesn’t remember some experiences so she inevitably appears as being “different” in a way. Messing with the mind in that way has an impact on her, I think everyone has noticed. Not that now she’s somebody else, but you can say there’s something different in her.

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Bonnie Bennett - the delena shipper

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Anonymous: Do you think Elena will remember Damon,when season 6 finishes? Cause you know all that erasing memory she did. -A

I’m pretty sure she will remember in some episodes before the midseason finale (so before 609/610).

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Anonymous: Is season 6 of the vampire diaries the last season? *

We will know between February and May if there will be a s7 or not.

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2x02 // 6x03

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