Anonymous: So did Vicki go to the dark place where Katherine went or she went somewhere else. These other dimensions are confusing Other Side, I've moved on world and found peace, and where katherine went.

Yeah the dimensions of the after life are a bit confusing.

The writers said they don’t want to be religious about it, but only to understand it better I’ll try to explain it with comparisons.

The supernatural beings that are stuck in “the other side” are there because they have unresolved things with their previous lives (I consider it a sort of limbo).

Ric and Lexi are still there because they look out for they BFFs. Vicky was there because she missed Matt. Kol wanted revenge.

Jenna, on the contrary, according to the show, found peace - so we can assume she’s in a sort of heaven.

And in season 3 Anna was on “the other side”, but as soon as she found her mother in 3x07 they both moved on and found peace.

With Katherine was different. According to Caroline Dries, she went straight to “hell” (just don’t consider it as a religious hell or Dante’s hell).

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stefansrippah: what font do you use on your gifs, it'ss just amazing everything here :)

Thank you :)

In sets like this I use Microsoft New Tai Lue.
For the TVD-MBTI sets I’m using Swansea (for the descriptions) and Georgia (for the name).

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Anonymous: I think that maybe they over play Elena's character a little to much and now it seems like she's changed a lot recently like now she doesn't care as much for people as she used to I mean she still would die for her friends but it's like she lost the will to even feel anymore❕

Well, I disagree.

I simply think Elena at times is more carefree and more smiling because she finally had some time to be happy, because she was excited about college and all the new possibilities, and she’s finally accepting that she’s a vampire and she’s embracing it.

She still cares and she’s still compassionate. I don’t really get why you think she doesn’t. Aaron was a total stranger and she became friends with him and didn’t want Damon to kill Wes because she didn’t want Aaron to be alone again.

When her roomate was murdered, she investigated about her (for multiple reasons) even if she knew Megan for a day.

Bonnie in 5x04 says "I know you think now that you can’t have a normal life… that you have to be there for everyone, but you don’t.”

She even forgave Katherine and she didn’t have to.

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vampire-dairies-gifs: I really love your account! 💜💜💜

thanks ♥

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Anonymous: What do you think will happen now that the universe came from the other side through Bonnie due to the travelers and what about Damon and Elena never seeing each other again how will that happen or really work?????????

With Markos returning to life I think The-Other-Side is “dying”? I mean there’s something definitely wrong about it.

I think Vicky was forced to move on? Like if there isn’t the other side (that’s a sort of limbo), you either go to heaven (you find peace) or you go to “hell”.

If the other side disappears, I don’t know what it will mean to Bonnie. I mean she’s the anchor.

As I said, it won’t really work. They say this now, but in the end they won’t be able to stay away from each other.

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It won’t last. Everybody knows that. They may say “harsh things” but they can’t stay away from each other for too long.

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Anonymous: hey do you know when nina dobrev goes back to Atlanta to shoot tvd season 6? thanks :) x


The actors will be back in Atlanta around the middle of July. The usually start shooting the new season around that time.

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