Anonymous: I'm not sure how it works in Europe but in the US you can get Amazon Prime and watch it stream. So you could try that and watch it the day of.

Thanks for your suggestion :)

It depends on which country you live of course. I can tell you for example that on the US ITunes Store you can buy an episode or a whole season (I saw there’s a buy pass for Arrow s3 at 39$ I think), but you can’t do the same for example with the Italian ITunes Store.

In Italy there isn’t netflix, but I’m pretty sure in France you can have it.

So… it’s complicated xD but thanks again for your help!

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Anonymous: When TVD or the Orinals next season start??

TVD: October 2, on The CW, 8 | 7c

The Originals: October 6, on The CW, 8 | 7c

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Anonymous: Hi, I really love your account its one of the best ones on here💕 xoxo kayla

Thank you, Kayla ♥

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hidayahizzadin: And wait “I'm from turkey" thing!! OMG!! Which Chanel?? It works for me too, I'm from Iraq (just next to turkey) n we have the same channels, so I need to know the Chanel's name!!

Can somebody help?

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Anonymous: I'm crying my eyes out 'cause TVD probably won't start airing until early next year here in Sweden 😭

the same in Italy, I know what you mean. Sometimes being an European is hard.

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Anonymous: Im coming from Germany too and I wait just 1 week or some days and then the episode is on movie4k with subtitle.
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Anonymous: I live in Germany and We don't have th cw do you know if theres a livestream or something else?I HAVE TO WATCH IT You are my last hope

Can you write me off-anon? I can answer to you privately so we can find the way that it’s easier for you :)

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